"Fit Life" - Men's Bracelets for Prosperity, Divine Guidance & Grounding

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"Fit Life" - Men's Crystal Bracelets for Courage, Divine Guidance & Grounding

Description:  Crystal Beaded Fitness Dumbbell Charm Stretch Bracelet for Men


Tiger's EyeGreat for Harmony, Balance, Releasing Fear and Anxiety, Discernment and Understanding, Clarity, Prosperity, Abundance

Black Onyx - a grounding and protective stone great for manifestation and balancing excessive energy.  Onyx also helps to calm anxiety and tension and soothes nightmares.  It deflects others’ negative thoughts or criticism and promotes self-confidence.  

White Howlite - Attunement to divine, calming anxiety, reducing stress, easing extreme negative emotions 

Related Chakra: Root, Sacral & Crown Chakras

Closure: Does not open

Size: 9 inches (M-L)

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