Anklets - Love, Prosperity & Peace

Anklets - Love, Prosperity & Peace

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Blue Quartz - A calming stone which has all the general properties of Quartz with additional properties associated with its color.  Blue Quartz alleviates fear of speaking and enhances creativity and expression, thus increasing effectiveness in communication.  

An uplifting stone, blue quartz can aid in dispelling depression and restoring hope,  peace and happiness.  It also promotes spiritual communication with one's higher self and spirit guides.  

Provides clarity of thought and increased concentration. It helps to retain information and recall memories. Quartz is excellent for emotional and psychic healing as well as alleviating anger and protecting against negative energy.

Rose QuartzThe unconditional love, compassion and kindness stone that attracts romantic love. It is commonly used for self-healing and forgiving through love and grief related issues by helping you feel calm, joyful and connected to others.

Pyrite: A powerful stone that provides protection against negativity, attracts financial wealth, abundance and prosperity. It strengthens the mind and willpower bringing success, enthusiasm, happiness, and power. 

Related Chakra: Throat Chakra; Heart Chakra; Solar Plexus

Size: 9 inches

Type: Stretch

Closure: Does Not Open


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