Florida Water

  • $10.99

Our floral tones project a fresh and clean fragrance perfect for men or women, while the unique formulation provides a refreshing vibe. Create an inviting aura with this Cologne by Murray & Lanman's Florida Water.

**This product is flammable**

Uses for Spritual Practices 

  • Cleanse and refresh your aura and chakras before and after spiritual practices.
  • Offer it to your ancestors or guides on your altar in a bowl.
  • Have some in a bowl nearby when communing with ancestors or guides and asking them for advice.
  • Energetically cleanse yourself with Florida water by spraying it around you or putting a bit on your wrists.
  • Energetically (and literally) cleanse ritual tools like crystals to give them a refresh.
  • Use it to cleanse your altar and anything on it by diluting some with water in a spray bottle and spraying on your altar, then wiping down.

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