Eye of Horus Black Tourmaline Selenite and Copper Orgonite Pyramid

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Eye of Horus, Black Tourmaline, Selenite and Copper Orgonite Pyramid 

Description: Orgonite Pyramid with natural Black Tourmaline and Selenite crystals. Eye of Horus metal symbol in front and copper bits sprinkled inside. The pyramid has selenite at the base along with Golden Copper.

Orgonite pyramids radiate high vibrational energy. It is a great tool for protection against EMF, energy protection chakra healing, Chakra Balancing and Reiki Healing.

This pyramid makes for great decor and vibrational energy enhancers in your office, bedroom, living room, kitchen, and more!

Gemstones Included: Black Tourmaline & Selenite

Size: 3 X 3 X 2 3/4 inch

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