3 Reasons to Wear Crystal Waist Beads this Winter

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3 Reasons to Wear Waist Beads this Winter

So you’re probably wondering, “well why I would I need waist beads in the winter if no one is going to see them?” Great question! And I have 3 answers.

First, let me start by saying that, I have recently begun wearing waist beads myself and I absolutely love them! I don’t want to take them off! If you aren’t familiar with me or my jewelry brand, Prominent Jewels & Accessories, I’m all about empowering people to manifest the life they love through the alignment of mind, body and spirit. As a jewelry designer, I do just that through crystal gemstone jewelry. Spiritual waist beads with meaning and intention is just one of the ways I do that. I’m always interested in discovering new ways to incorporate the healing properties of crystal gemstones into beautiful pieces of jewelry that make the wearer feel empowered to create and enjoy their best life everyday.

I must say, these crystal waist beads are the most exciting jewelry I’ve designed all year! I can’t wait to share some of the benefits with you to make you fall in love too. So let’s jump into it. Here are three reasons you should start wearing waist beads this winter.

Keep Calm Wear Waistbeads

  1.  Boost Your Energy

Spiritual waist beads and crystal waist beads with meaning and intention given to it can definitely boost your energy. 

The Holiday Season is here and in full effect! The end of the season is nearing, but there is still so much left to do, see, prepare, buy and celebrate. I wouldn’t be surprised if you’re almost burnt out. But we all know that the holiday season brings about a certain imbalance of energy. On one hand, you’re filled with such excitement and joy of spending time with loved ones and finding the perfect gifts. On the other hand, all the preparation and long days of working, shopping and planning events can be so exhausting and overwhelming. By now, I’m sure you could use a body double (LOL) or at least an extra boost of energy!

Well crystal waist beads could be the perfect option for you! Crystal gemstone jewelry has become quite the popular jewelry item. Crystal gemstones are well-known for their powerful energetic vibrations and healing properties. So it makes sense that during this age of natural healing and consciousness, people are finding more ways to incorporate nature’s healing elements into their daily routines and lifestyles.

One of the benefits of crystal gemstones is the energy boost it provides the user. Whether it boosts your confidence, courage, optimism or self-love, it can cause a domino effect in your overall energy. The best part about wearing crystal waist beads is that it rests near your first through third chakras, giving them direct vibrations of good energy. The root, sacral and solar plexus chakras are energy centers that are associated with your willpower, creativity, confidence and balance. Simply put, all the feelings of stress, anxiety, exhaustion, depression and loneliness that are commonly brought on by the holiday season, are associated with these three chakras. I know what you’re thinking… “Say less. Show me where to purchase!” I got you, sis.

Keeping in the theme of 3, here are 3 gemstones that can be worn in crystal waist beads to help you boost your overall energy.

  • Calcite – cleanses old energy and amplifies positive energy
  • Carnelian - restores motivation and stimulates creativity
  • Citrine - transforms negativity into positive energy, bringing happiness and joy 


  1. To Feel Sexy

Need I say more? This probably should have been number one, but the educator in me couldn’t resist an opportunity to share information. (LOL)

Before you start wondering, let me squash any doubts or misconceptions about size right now. Size does NOT matter! At least not when it comes to feeling sexy in your waist beads. Of course they are going to look gorgeous on the IG models and all the women whose bodies look like a work of art. Trust me, you will feel just as sexy as any other woman, no matter your waist size. Not to mention the sensual energy the crystal waist beads give off. And when you're feeling fancy, try waist beads with charms! You'll really be feeling yourself then. 

Who says you have to show off your waist beads anyway? No one has to know you’re wearing them. They could be your personal confidence boosters, like lingerie or a fresh bikini wax. Match them with your underwear, outfit, or jewelry for the day. Or wear all of them at once! It’s a vibe.

Either way, I honestly think it’s going to be hard not to show off your new waist beads because they make you feel so good you just have to let somebody know! 

sexy beads

  1. To Manage Your Weight

Waist beads for weight loss is definitely a thing. But, let’s be clear, waist beads do NOT make you lose weight. If you ever find any proven to cause weight loss, let me know. I will make and sell those too! LOL! Waist beads for weight loss do, however help you to MANAGE your weight. I know you want to know the difference, so let’s get into it.

It’s simple, waist beads for weight loss help you to manage your weight by acting as a measurement or gauging tool, so to speak. For example, if you are wearing waist beads that do not stretch, you will feel them getting tighter when you are overeating, carrying more water weight, or have simply gained weight. The discomfort of the tightening beads will in turn make you more conscious of your habits and hopefully prompt you to correct your behavior or make more favorable choices.

When you begin to lose weight with waist beads, you will see the beads begin to rest lower on your waist and hips as a result. Thus, helping you to gauge your progress over time. This concept applies of course if you are trying to lose weight. However, it works the same way if you are trying to gain weight as well.

 weight loss waist beads

There are so many options for waist beads out there and so many reasons to wear them. Whether you choose to wear spiritual waist beads, crystal waist beads, waist beads for weight loss, waist beads with charms, waist beads with meaning, stretch waist beads, non-stretch waist beads, waist beads with clasps or tie-on waist beads, do it with pride! I'm sure they'll look and feel amazing!

Check out my selection of crystal waist beads at ProminentJewels.com.

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